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Owner/Creative Director

Edward J. Bayonet Jr., B.A., A.A.
International Academy of Art and Design - Tampa, FL (Graphic Comm., AD Design)

Certified: Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Creative Philosophy: 
Inside all of us, students and teachers, there is an innate desire to strive for success. No matter what talent or gift we are bestowed with, continued development is a necessity. Not only do I encourage and point my students in this direction, but I model this same behavior in my own work ethic. I cannot expect my students to move in one direction if I am not focused and moving the same way. 

Even subsequent to my formal education, I have never allowed myself to stop learning. Every day there are new ideas and discoveries that apply to my career field. Knowledge is a living and breathing organism. By modeling this practice in the classroom and introducing new concepts and ideas to students on a weekly basis, it inspires them and excites their minds. We are living in a generation where students are bombarded left and right by images, ideas, headlines, social media, etc. Harnessing their attention and focusing students on relative assignments and topics will result in achievement that will resound throughout their academic careers. 

My classroom environment not only allows my students to be creative and inspired but also keeps their attention focused on a higher level of learning. I consistently introduce real world ideas and concepts that are a standard in the industry, which my students are intrigued by and wish to continue in their careers. Encouraging them to strive for leadership positions and simulating real world experiences and deadlines in the classroom is where academic achievement is measured and has reflected success.  Not only do my students strive for this success - they attain it. 

• Dual Art Degrees
• 8 years of teaching experience
• 20+ years of design experience
• SkillsUSA - National Champion
• SkillsUSA Chapter advisor (8yrs) 
• Alumni Member of SkillsUSA
• Fluent in Mac OSX & Windows OS
• Adobe® Creative Suite Master User

Account Management

Brian Atkins, B.A.
Art Institute - Tampa, FL (Marketing)

Certified: Adobe Creative Suite, Apple iWorks, Microsoft Office


Corporate Graphic Design
Branding / ID
Web Site Design
Logo Design
Stationery Design
Business Card
Mailing Label
Annual Reports (Covers Only)
Package Design

Product Label Design
Carton & Box Design
Retail Products
Film: BlueRay / DVD Covers
Music: Covers, Booklet, Digi
Software / Digital Game Cover
Book & eBook Covers

Product Shots
High Resolution Photo
Enhanced Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation
Photography (Studio & Live)
Photo Retouch + Restoration
Color Correcting
Distorting + Enhancing
Background Replacement
Complex Composites

Web Design
Social Media Designs
Headers Graphics
Button graphics
Web site Construction

Consumer Magazine
Business Magazine
Bus & Transit
Posters / Flyers
Sell Sheets

Collateral Design
Direct Mail Package
Press / Media Kit
Magazine Layout & Design
Brochure Design
Trade Show Materials

Book Jacket or Cover Design
Hardcover or Paperback

Card & Novelty Design
Display Headers
Shelf Talkers
Banners, Banners, Posters
Door Hangers
Counter Displays
Tote / Shopping Bags
Consumer Stationery
Greeting Cards

& more...

To be honest. We do a lot of work and it is difficult to keep this page updated. These are several subjective pieces we have done over the years. To view additional compositions, please check out our Behance portfolio or simply email us if you would like to view something more specific.

View some more of our past work on the links below.

Logos | Albums | Flyers

S.O.U.LMag (issues 1-20)


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